Assigned IP

FWIW, we recently discovered that we appear to be the target of some individual or individuals who are using our misusing our domain names for whatever evil they seem to have in mind. Obviously, since whatever link you clicked on to get here resulted in this message, you probably understand by now that we are not participating in this nonsense.

If you are a user who got an email you think came from us, a word to the wise, if you don't know the source of an email message, don't just click on links, as that is the fastest way for the bad guys to propagate anything from malicious viruses to establishing drones for botnets. Don't become part of the problem, just delete messages you don't know and never open unexpected attachments, even from folks you know until you can confirm they are sending a message to you and not a hacker who took over your friend's email account.

For IT folks or more experienced users who might be looking at this page, we also publish SPF records for our domains and their subdomain, indicating that either we only send from very specific servers and no others or that the domain sends no message at all. The purpose of the SPF record is to tell the receive that if the name in question does not send, drop the mail as it is probably spam. While the solution is not a fit for every company, it generally works very well for us. For more on SPF, see OpenSPF.Org

If you happen to have a copy of the email in question, we would be delighted to have a copy of the complete message source, including headers, sent to Abuse@Commerco.Net.

To the spammers, please deescallate now, this serves no good purpose and frankly we have better ways to spend our time.

The Commerce Company